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Facial Care Prices

Rapid Relief Facial $55

Luxury Spa Facial $110

Customized Facial Treatment $80

Eye Contour Treatment $40

New Cellullar Code Facial Intro Price $95 

AGE EXCEPTION - Yon-Ka's new anti-aging line

We are pleased to introduce two products from Yon-ka's new anti aging line Age Exception, specially designed to meet the needs of Mature Skin. The Cellullar Code Serum features cell-energy, an innovative exclusive Yon-ka complex based on the latest discoveries in fundamental research on cellular aging. Read more

How often should I receive a skincare treatment at a Spa

If it is reasonable, and of course, enjoyable, to regularly visit your esthetician, there are no set rules concerning frequency. However, it is better to make an appointment at least once a month and follow the home care program that has been specially recommended for you. In times of stress, as well as physical and mental fatigue, you will undoubtedly require skincare treatments and expert advice on a more regular basis. In certain cases (such as a slimming treatment), your esthetician will recommend more frequent treatment programs. Again, she will be able to advise you according to your own individual needs. And don't forget that we have developed different treatment programs that last 30 min., 45min. and 1 hour or more, so that you may fully benefit from these highly privileged moments of pleasure and beauty-enhancement, which is, of course, of utter importance!

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Spa Solutions facial treatments begin your journey to healthier, rejuvenated, radiant skin. Our preventive approach to skin care will leave your skin renewed and refreshed. Our facial treatments can help all skin types and skin needs. Regular facial treatments can improve skin texture, tone and overall appearance. Begin your Spa Solutions regime today.We are proud to announce we have the Yonka Skin Care Line. Each treatment is designed in response to you, your desires, and your needs to reveal your beauty at every age of life.

Rapid Relief Facial 

A mini relaxing treat, an express botanical beauty encounter, a boost in between facials once a month. In just 30 min this "petite-facial" will open up a whole new world of possibilities to your skin, where soothing fruit and flower scented preparations deliver instant radiance. Ideal as a mini relaxation treat, during a manicure a pedicure or as a pre-make up beauty flash, this treatment is guaranteed to add 30 minutes of luxury to your day.

Customized Facial Treatment

Long lasting, deep hydrating facial. This high performance, deep hydrating facial will revive the most dehydrated complexions, eliminating signs of stress and help skin rebalance itself. Your skin sends out a thousand tiny little signs to express its lack of moisture and comfort. Dry or oily, it begins to feel tight and rough to the touch, no matter what the season. Your usual skin care products are no longer effective. This high performance deep hydrating facial will revive the most dehydrated complexions, eliminating signs of stress and helping your skin to re-balance itself. Luxuriate in the warmth of healing hands while your skin is bathed ina moisture surge of oils, creams and elixirs, then sink into the bliss of a double hydrating fruit-based mask.

Luxury Spa Facial

Deep pore cleansing, restoring and relaxing facial. A truly personalised beauty treatment! This is probably one of the most complete facial care treatments available in a salon. 5 steps of progressive successive cleansing and all without irritation thanks to an exclusive Yon-Ka process. With a relaxing massage and invigorating, balancing natural aromas, your skin is left clean and your complexion radiant.

Eye Contour Treatment

Anti wrinkle, anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles. These three "contour" treatments provide you with the ultimate tool to preserve the fragile beauty of your eyes. Thanks to the combined action of plant active ingredients and the special technique of your beauty therapist, wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed away during this eye stress relief session. Specific massage helps to combat puffiness and dark circles and to alleviate sinus pain and the signs of jet lag. Your eye contours are left looking and feeling fresh, vibrant and luminous in a mere 45 minutes. Recommended as an intensive course of treatments for optimum results.

New Cellullar Code Facial

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